wazUPwidis Is Not Your Typical Race

3.25 miles. 1,000 steps. And one heck of a good time.

It’s all happening at wazUPwidis on Feb. 2. The urban run and stair challenge is billed as Roanoke’s most breathtaking race, but not for the views you would imagine. Runners will literally be out of breath as they run with reckless abandon through office buildings, parking garages, and train yards.

The brainchild of Roanoke City Parks and Recreation and Mountain Junkies LLC, wazUpwidis is one of the most unique races you’ll ever have the chance to run. Last year, 350 participants experienced the uniqueness of this race and attendance is expected to grow again this year.

So what’s up with the crazy race name?

The objective of wazUPwidis is to run through, up, and over a few of Downtown Roanoke’s landmarks, traversing surprisingly difficult elevation in two of the city’s parking garages and finishing with a breathtaking climb up 20 flights of stairs and descent in the Wells Fargo Tower. You may be able to run, and you may be able to climb – but can you do both?

It’s likely that at some point in this race you will think, “What’s up with this!?” However, due to the difficulty of the race, it will most likely come out as a one-word gasp, “WAZUPWIDIS!”

Registration is open online and participants can register on site the day of the race. Racers will start in waves to keep the stairwells from getting too packed. There will be awards for age group winners and the post-race gathering is inside the City Market Building.


  • When: Saturday, Feb. 2 at 9 a.m.
  • Where: 10 S. Jefferson St., Roanoke
  • Register: Online