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The Outdoor Adventure Club is for youth ages 11-13. (Our Outdoor Mentor Program is for ages 8-10).

The Roanoke Outside Foundation, in partnership with Roanoke Parks and Recreation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia (BBBS), is expanding its outdoor mentoring program to connect more children to the outdoors.

Outdoor Adventure Club provides 12 months of outdoor activities for under-served youth ages 11-13. With one-on-one mentoring we are able to eliminate the barriers to the outdoors for youth regardless of a family’s financial situation, fostering engagement with nature, stewardship, and community. This program is a partnership with Roanoke Parks and Recreation and made possible by grants from Keen Effect and The North Face Explorers fund.

How to Get Involved

For questions on how to become a participant in this program, please contact Big Brothers and Big Sisters at (540) 345-9604.

Interested in becoming a mentor for the Outdoor Adventure Club? Mentors, or “bigs,” will get paired with a child from an underserved community and have opportunities to participate in group outdoor activities together once a month for a year. Activities start in September, but the application process starts in June. To apply to become a mentor, please visit: http://www.bigslittles.org/volunteer/roanoke/.

Questions about the program? Contact Matt Allenbaugh at matthew.allenbaugh@roanokeva.gov or Susan Herndon-Powell at susan.herndonpowell@roanokeva.gov.

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