Try an “Open” Adventure

open 6 navigation courseNavigate on foot, by bike, or both en route to a team win with the Muddy Squirrel Navigation “Open 6” Adventure.

The orienteering course includes up to 6 hours of adventure for teams for two, families of up to five, and individuals. The goal of the course design is to take you to cool places that you might never travel to otherwise.

Here’s how it works:

“Open 6” is a fun navigation format where participants have up to 6 hours to score as many points as possible by finding control points in the woods on foot and mountain bike. (You do not have to attempt the bike portion, but it will be fun and challenging.)

The course is designed so novice and expert navigators will have a good time in the woods. There will be snacks available at headquarters, so you can always come back to regroup, then head back out again. Novice racers or families with younger children are welcome to adjust the time down.

There will be surprises at select points and special “poker run” points. Plus, the top three teams will earn Muddy Squirrel’s coveted “woodal” awards.

The event is on March 18 at Camp Bethel and will happen rain or shine. Tent camping is available on-site if you want to make a weekend of it (but you do need to make a reservation).

Participants also need to bring the following items: Water, snacks, small first aid kit, flashlight, compass, warm clothes, waterproof jacket, fully charged cell phone, and a flat repair kit (mountain bike).

Learn more and register online.