Take the Valley to Valley Trail Survey

The Valley to Valley Trail has been a dream of many outdoor enthusiasts, tourism organizations, and economic developers in the region for years. Good news! The effort just made a big step in the right direction. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is undergoing a public comment period via survey with the goal being to decide the best path alignment and build consensus.

The proposed trail network would connect the Roanoke Valley to the New River Valley via trail over the mountain between Roanoke and Pulaski by way of Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Radford, and Dublin.

There are discussions of this trail in a variety of plans created by the included communities over the years. These plans have been compiled and reviewed to narrow down a recommendation for alignment (aka – where is the best physical path).

The goal of this survey is to identify demand and score options based on the services, amenities, and businesses that could service users or benefit based on the proximity of the trail. All of the alignments being proposed in the survey score equally based on the basic criteria related to feasibility.

Watch the video below for more detail, review the maps on the VDOT webpage, and then take the survey to weigh in. This could be a gamechanger for our entire region and is of critical importance so please participate, share, and speak to your local representatives about how important this is to you as a citizen so we can make sure it becomes a reality.