Survey for Paddlers and Anglers of the Roanoke River Gorge 

explore park survey

Do you paddle or fish the Roanoke River Gorge (through Explore Park)? If so, your input is needed on a survey. 

Every dam in the U.S. periodically must renew its license. Part of the process is to evaluate things the dam affect. For us, this specifically relates to how it affects outdoor recreation, such as paddling and fishing. 

This is your chance to voice your “wish list” for the Roanoke River Gorge. What would you like to see? A few ideas include scheduled releases, better parking, and an easier portage route. 

Normally a person would be located at the river, surveying people as they get on and off the river. However, the access point to this section of the Roanoke River is currently closed while they repair the Blue Ridge Parkway bridge so they will be unable to talk to actual paddlers and anglers using this section of the river. This means the only way our voices will be heard is by completing this online survey.

A note of caution, the survey is not intuitive, but it is worth your time. 

Here‘s how to do it: 

  1. Go to and read up on the project. From this page, click the “Niagara Recreation Survey” to get started. 
  2. The first thing you’ll have to do is pick one recreation area.” You must repeat the entire survey if you want to comment on the different areas. 
  3. It will ask you for the date of your visit. Just pick a ballpark date of your last visit.