Stay Off the Trails (Seriously!)

protect wet trails

This is your keep-our-outdoors-wonderful public service announcement.

After Hurricane Florence passes and the rain stops in this region, stay off the trails for a little while.

After being cooped up for days no doubt you’ll want to hit the trails, but that is the worst thing to do. The trails will be soft and mushy and just one set of footsteps or one set of bike tires rolling through the mud will do a lot of damage. And it takes countless volunteer hours to repair the trails.

Yes, volunteer hours. All of the trails in the Roanoke Region are maintained by volunteers who give their time and sweat to keep the trails in good shape for hiking, biking, and running.

So, show them some respect and hit the road, greenway, or climbing gym for the next week or so. Give the trails a break … they’ll thank you later.