St. Patrick’s Shenanigans at the Shamrock Showdown

shamrock showdown

There was this biker from the ‘Noke,

Who rode around town dressed like a silly bloke.

And when they asked why:

“It’s all for fun,” came the reply.

“Join the Shamrock Showdown; it is no joke!”

While the limerick might not do it justice, the Shamrock Showdown brings the fun and shenanigans of an alleycat bike ride back to Roanoke.

Riders just have to show up at the Roanoke City Market Building with their bikes on Saturday, March 17 at 1:30 p.m. (after the parade). Riders of all skill levels can join the fun and navigate the city by bike.

If you haven’t participated in an alleycat race before, it mixes elements of a scavenger hunt, bike race, and chaos. You are encouraged to have fun and even make up part of the route as you go! (Just make sure to hit all the checkpoints.)

Riders are asked to obey all traffic laws on the way to earning prizes for completing tasks along the route. Everyone should also keep these things in mind.

Bring a backpack or bag, pen, $5, a bike (of course). Come out with a fixed/single speed or unique ride, costume or complete tasks along the route for bonus points.

There’s no registration required, but you can RSVP on Facebook and ask questions there.