Shop Local Pledge

What’s the best part of shopping local (other than helping your community and local economy)? You don’t have to deal with shipping delays and supply chain issues. Head to one of the many wonderful small retailers right here in the Roanoke Region, pick what you like, and take it home!

Take the shop local pledge this holiday season and commit to finding your holiday at retailers, shops, and restaurants in the Roanoke Region.

Businesses need you more than ever this year. The strain of the pandemic has taken its toll, particularly on local business owners. This is your time to step up and show them that their presence in the community is vital. Most businesses are offering options to keep you safe with call-in and online ordering with curbside pickup and delivery.

Shopping Local Means …

“When folks shop local they are making an effort to keep resources local, taxes, income and help small businesses thrive!” — Brian Mangold, Walkabout Outfitter

“Shopping local is personal: it’s helping other people in your community raise their kids, pay their rent, live their life. It’s a simple expression of a love for community.” — Wes Best, East Coasters Bike Shop

“Shopping local allows us to employ 15 full-time people and to be able to continue to give back to our community.” — Robin Lewis, Fleet Feet Roanoke

To make shopping local even easier, many localities and organizations have put together wonderful gift guides and lists of shops. Some were for Small Business Saturday, but they are still a great reference for all the shops and restaurants in each town. Here are a few of our favorites…

Take the Shop Local Pledge below.
By adding your name you are helping grow the Roanoke Region’s business community and economic health.

Thank you!

10 Reasons to Shop Local

  1. Small businesses generate $68 of local economic return for every $100 spent with them.
  2. Over $9.3 billion would be directly returned to our economy if every US family spent just $10 a month at a local business.
  3. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees account for 99.7% of all US employers.
  4. Small businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to community causes.
  5. Small businesses employ 58.9 million people.
  6. Local business generates 70% more local economic activity per square foot than big-box retail.
  7. Shipping produces 1 billion metric tons of C02 a year.
  8. 25% of local businesses closed because of low sales or limited cash flow.
  9. 73% of searchers trust a local business more because of positive reviews.
  10. 56% of workers at locally owned businesses have high commitment scores.

SOURCE: Fundera

Shop Local Pledge

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Shop Local Pledge Signers

(List is updated daily.)

First NameLast NameDateFavorite Place(s) to Shop Local
Casey Lewis12/2/21Fleet Feet and Urban Gypsy
Julia Boas12/1/21Really been enjoying French Farmhouse and 310 Rosemont
ErinBurcham2020-11-24Mast General Store and Roanoke Mountain Adventures
KatieBeach2020-11-24Charlottes Web (Salem)
CarrieCousins2020-11-24Nature's Emporium
HankLove11/24/20Northwest Hardware and Cardinal Bikes
JuliaBoas11/24/20Walkabout Outfitter
PeteEshelman11/24/20Sweet Donkey Coffee 🙂
JohnHull11/24/20Too many to list!
WesleyBest11/24/20Walkabout Outfitter, Roanoke
JeffTodd11/24/20Roanoke Mountain Adventures
RichardPeters11/24/20Walkabout, Downtown. ForkntheAlley. Cardinal Bike, 460. JusttheRightGear. Farmburguesa, Vinton.
ChadSpangler11/24/20Walkabout Outfitter
KaitPedigo11/24/20Roasters Next Door, Sweet Donkey, Walkabout Outfitter
SteveAmbruzs11/24/20Barrel Chest on Electric
AndreaGarland11/24/20Walkabout Outfitter
CrystalKennedy11/24/20Fleet Feet
CaseyLewis11/24/20Fleet Feet Roanoke & Urban Gypsy
LarryCarpio11/25/20Crystal Spring Grocery
HollyHart11/25/20La De Da, Walkabout Outfitter, Vintage Vault
RebeccaCarpio11/25/20Chocolate Paper
JimmyCasey11/24/20Chocolate Paper
TimPohlad- Thomas11/24/20Walkabout Outfitter
LindseyBanks11/25/20RMA, Sweet Donkey
SarahWheeler11/26/20Robbin's Nest
JessicaHarris11/26/20Farmers Market
HeatherFay11/25/20Too many too list!
BriBeach11/25/20Olde Salem Brewery
SarahWheeler11/26/20Robbin's Nest
XavierDuckett11/30/20Hmble Hstle Clothing - @hmblehstle
BethanyTodd12/1/20Roasters Next Door (Wasena)
KelleeMac12/4/20Roanoke Co-Op
GraceHarwin12/5/20Deschutes Brewery