Run Into the Darkness

into the darkness trail runRun through 4 miles of Explore Park this weekend in the Into the Darkness Night Trail Run.

The race is one of the region’s most unique events.

The course consists of 3 miles of twisty rolling single track and 1 mile of grass and asphalt roads. These trails will be marked with reflective arrows, glow sticks, and the occasional surprise (nothing scary, this is a family event). Every effort will be taken so that you will easily be able to find your way and stay on course.

A light source is mandatory; it is recommended that you have at least a headlamp or flashlight. (And you should probably have one of each.) A headlamp to see where you are going and a flashlight to cast shadows and give you depth perception (easier to see sneaky roots and rocks).

The race is Saturday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. and is part of the Mountain Junkies RNUTS series.

Post-race activities include a spaghetti dinner from Mamma Maria’s in Salem, door prize giveaways, and an awards ceremony.