Pete’s Pick: The Best Way to See Fall Colors is From a Boat

fall colors roanoke canoe

This is the weekend where people will be driving around the region with the same goal in mind – to check out the amazing fall colors. Consider another perspective. The best way to see fall colors is from a boat or kayak or canoe.

Consider a weekend (or weekday) paddling adventure with Twin River Outfitters on the Upper James River.

You’ll see the fall colors from a whole new angle, and are sure to be impressed.

Fall is a great time for paddling as well. The air is cooler and the water isn’t too cold yet.

So how does a guided paddling tour work?

You just have to book the amount of time you want to spend on the water, and the outfitter does the rest. You don’t need equipment or experience to enjoy an outing. (It is that easy!)

Twin River Outfitters offers fun and safe river trips that range from lazy river to whitewater paddling experiences with true mountain views.

And the folks at Twin River know a thing or two; they have been running paddle trips since 1978 and have the largest kayak and canoe rental fleets in this part of the state with lots of models to choose from.

You probably want to book your adventure soon. They leaves won’t stay this colorful for long (and some trips do sell out).

Here are a few more tips to help you make the most of your trip:

  • Pack some snacks or lunch.
  • If it is cool, make sure to wear a jacket. Air temperatures can be a little chillier on the water.
  • Look up and all around, but also down at the water for some cool reflections.
  • Grab your phone or camera and make sure to take some photos (and if you post them to Instagram, make sure to use the hashtag #roanokeoutside).