Make Plans to Watch GO Cross

Cyclocross might be one of the most spectator-friendly sports around.

And you can get in on the fun Labor Day weekend at Fallon Park during Virginia’s Blue Ridge GO Cross Presented by Deschutes Brewery.

Cyclocross can be described as a bike race in a steeplechase format with riders that hop on and off bicycles while leaping over barriers and sloshing through mud, navigating gravel pits, stairs, and barriers.

GO Cross is an official USA Cycling race, which will draw professionals from all over the country. GO Cross is perfect for first-timers, but also has a $10,000 prize purse for elite riders. (That’s part of the reason you’ll get to see so many pro riders on Labor Day weekend.)

Part of what makes cyclocross so much fun is heckling. Here’s a cyclocross heckling 101 guide:

  • No touching riders actively racing.
  • No throwing or discharging objects at riders. (Even if you know them.)
  • Heckling insults should reply on wit rather than obscenity.
  • Costumed hecklers get the best spots along the course.
  • Heckling requires a minimum group of three. Less than that is considered lame.
  • Use voice or noise amplifying instruments. (Bring your cowbells!)

And there will be plenty of food and beverage on site as well. Deschutes Brewery will be providing beer for sale and a there will be food trucks with plenty of grub.

Bonus event: Runners can tackle the course as well. RunCross will precede the main event on Saturday, Sept. 1. Runners will take as many laps around the cyclocross course as they can – obstacles and all – in one hour. The course is roughly 1.5 miles with a grass course, short barriers, tight turns, a sand pit, and even the famous Avis Construction GO Cross flyover.


GO Cross

  • When: Sept. 1-2
  • Where: Fallon Park
  • Schedule: Online
  • Cost: Free for spectators
  • Registration for riders: Online, women race free (register by Aug. 29)