Standup Paddleboard or Kayak at Car

Date: August 20, 2020

Time: 05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

Location: Carvins Cove

Get on the water. Get instruction and gear to SUP (standup paddleboard) or kayak on Carvins Cove. Great for beginners so you’ll have the know-how to rent gear and get on the water safely on your own later.

Price: $30/person (limited to 10 SUP and 10 kayaks, each group of 10 will have their own instructor so we can stay in small groups)

Instruction will be first on land and then we will go into the water. You must sign the event waiver and return it to before arriving.

Includes: Equipment, Instruction both on land and in water. Dress appropriately for being out on the water. Due to COVID, we ask that you bring your own water and snack should you need it. Note that there is no swimming allowed in Carvins Cove. Buffs or masks are recommended during the instruction portion on land.

Link: Standup Paddleboard or Kayak at Car Website