Campfire Chat: Queen of the Greenways Retires

There are visionaries, and then there are transformational visionaries. Liz Belcher is a transformational visionary that has touched the lives of thousands of people, most of which have never heard her name before. However, if you’ve ever set foot on one of the regional greenways or trails, you’ve benefited from Liz’s work.

Liz was hired as the region’s first-ever greenway coordinator, and she’s never looked back. From the first greenway at Garst Mill to the new Hinchee Trail, there are more than 400 miles of trails and greenways throughout the region with which Liz has been involved.

Liz retired last month after 25 years of transforming the region’s trail. The entire region thanks her and wishes her the best with the next chapter of her life.

Pete Eshelman sat down with Liz for a Campfire Chat, in which they discuss the history of the greenway system, the challenges, and much more. Special thanks to RVTV3 for helping put this video together.

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