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Contest: Win Blue Ridge Marathon Entries

You and your “solemate” could win free entries into the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon on April 18.

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Chimes is Interactive Art … Outside

If you are wondering about the lighted poles and music coming from Downtown Roanoke, it’s part of a new outdoor art installation: Chimes.

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Access to the Upper James River Water Trail Just Got Easier

Thanks to your continued support of Roanoke Outside and our mission to continually improve access to the outdoors, we were able to contribute $5,000 to help Botetourt County improve the Gala access point on the […]

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Save the Date: Down the Hatch on March 21

Are you thinking of spring yet? Down the Hatch on March 21 at Elmwood Park is an outdoor celebration that will include local food and beer, live music, outdoor and fly-fishing vendor exhibits, educational presentations, […]

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Race Season Starts in Salem

Run your first 5K of the super-early spring season in Salem.

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Business Announcement Aligns with Regional Outdoor Narrative

When is the outdoors more than just going for a hike or paddle? Answer: When it helps locate a new business to the region. Traditional Medicinals, the leading seller of organic herbal wellness tea in […]

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Blue Ridge Marathon Supports Community Nonprofits

You’re doing more than just running America’s Toughest when you participate in the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, you’re also giving back to the community.

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Outdoor Adventure Club Finishes The Year

 Last year our Outdoor Explorers program expanded from the initial Outdoor Mentor Program for ages 8-10 to the Outdoor Adventure Club for ages 11-13. The Outdoor Adventure Club just wrapped up a year of […]

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Meet the 2020 Blue Ridge Marathon Ambassadors

The countdown is on for America’s Toughest Road Marathon, and a team of runners from around the country is sharing the love for our iconic race.

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8 “Outdoor Experiences” To Try Inside this Winter

Sometimes it’s too cold or wet to get outside — we totally get it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to play. Throughout the colder months, there are plenty of “outdoor experiences” happening throughout […]

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