Roanoke River Greenway Ambassador Program

The Roanoke River Greenway has transformed the way we live and play in our urban core. Communities such as Wasena, Grandin Village, South Roanoke, Vinton, and Salem are connected by safe, bike-friendly, and walkable paths that become centers for retail, restaurants, breweries, and real estate due to their proximity to the greenway.

If you are a frequent greenway user, and you’d like to give back to the greenways you love…then become an official ambassador. There is a quick training on December 2 at 1:30 pm and then you cab join the yellow-shirted ambassador crew improving the greenway experience for everyone.

Ambassadors aren’t required to meet any minimum level of hours, but they are asked to be the eyes and ears of the greenway. 

As the eyes and ears of the greenway, ambassadors promote safety, encourage friendly and courteous interaction, offer to answer questions or help users, report issues or damage, help pick up trash, etc.

Greenway Ambassadors are asked to-

  • Promote greenway courtesy and safety
  • Provide general information to greenway users
  • Assist when help is needed
  • Set a good example by obeying greenway rules and guidelines
  • Provide interpretive and geographical information
  • Watch for greenway conditions that may be hazardous
  • Advise greenway users of rules and regulations
  • Provide safety information
  • Use good judgment and common sense
  • Report problems to appropriate management partners