7 Things to Watch at GO Fest [Oct. 18-20]

While the Anthem Roanoke GO Outside Festival is packed with things do to, there are also plenty of shows and demos that you can watch from the sidelines. (And still get an adrenaline rush.)

Not one to try a stand-up paddleboard? Prefer solid ground over the slackline? Climbing wall not up your alley?

No worries, Go Fest has lots for you to watch Oct. 18-20 – and be inspired.

7 Things to Watch at GO Fest

  • Cox Adventure Gym: Watch others run, crawl, and climb over obstacles in a family-friendly format. (Feel free to cheer or laugh along.)
  • Sprint Ultimate Air Dogs: This perennial fan favorite is back. Dogs (with human handlers) compete in events such as distance jumping, “catch it,” and “fetch it” as the canine jumps from the dock into a pool below. With multiple shows, there’s no need to miss the action. Just get there early for the best seats.
  • Member One Lumberjack Show: If you like to watch flannel wearin’, ax swingin’, log rollin,’ and saw-pullin’ lumberjacks (and jills), this is for you. The show is full of athletic feats as well as antics.
  • State Farm Pro Town BMX Stunt Show: This is one event you’ll want to watch safely on the ground. The Pro Town BMX Stunt Show is quite an aerial spectacle featuring professional bikers flipping, spinning, and performing amazing acrobatic moves on a bicycle.
  • Dog Sports Demos: Watch all kinds of canines try out an agility course and learn new tricks in an event hosted by Star City Canine Training Club.
  • Pro Bike Trials Demo presented by Roanoke County Parks & Recreation: Watch mountain bike legend Jeff Lenosky perform stunts and tricks. He holds the world record for the highest bunny hop on a mountain bike (45.5 inches); that’s something you’ll definitely want to see.
  • This takes zero effort and is free. The music stage will be rocking all weekend.

Want to know more? You can find the full GO Fest schedule here