5 Things to Watch at GO Fest

go fest ultimate air dogs

While the Anthem Roanoke GO Outside Festival is designed with things to do in mind, there are also some stellar shows to watch as well. (It will give you a few minutes to catch your breath if you’ve been on a bike or in the demo pool.)

Here are five shows we think you’ll love (with multiple showtimes all weekend long). The first shows start Friday, Oct. 13, at 6 p.m.

  1. Sprint Protown BMX Show: The Pro Town BMX stunt show is quite the aerial spectacle featuring professional bikers many of whom have competed in X Games, Gravity Games and more! Watch as they flip, spin and perform amazing acrobatic feats all while riding a bicycle.
  2. Ultimate Air Dogs presented by Go RVing: Voted best attraction at GO Fest year-over-year, come watch the dogs make a splash. The organization was founded by former Detroit Tigers pitcher Milt Wilcox – who led his team to victory in the 1984 World Series – and is the premier “dock jumping” dog show in the country. You can even stand at the end of the pool to watch as each contestant dives straight at you (a favorite for the kids).
  3. Keen Lumberjacks Show: A collection of the most flannel wearin’, ax swingin’, log rollin’, and saw pullin’ lumberjacks (and Jills) out of Hayward, Wisconsin will showcase rough, tough lumberjack skills. You’ll see a full treatment of timber-crushing action – whole logs of pine sliced in seconds; axes hurled from distances of up to 20 feet; the best tools of the lumberjack trade, from modern tech to old time implements.
  4. Pro Bike Trials Demo with Jeff Lenosky: A legend of mountain bike freeriding and trials riding, Lenosky is a veteran Giant rider who travels the country competing and performing demos. A native of New Jersey, he is a pioneer of MTB street and urban riding and he holds the world record for the highest bunny hop on a mountain bike (45.5 inches).
  5. Late Night on the Big Screen: When the bands are done for the evening, stop by the big screen and watch some flicks! Mountain State Overland will be rolling films from their adventures in the Appalachian Mountains near the Haley Toyota vendor booth. Approximate play time is 30-45 min.

And that’s not all. You can find other “Watch It” activities here.