5 Reasons to Run the Jackson River Scenic Trail


A warm Saturday morning is an alluring call to spend your day outside. What better way to start than with a run through the woods along the Jackson River? Whether youโ€™re accustomed to rising with the sun to go for a morning run, or youโ€™re a fair-weather fun-runner, the beautiful landscape of the Jackson River Scenic Trail is universally appealing โ€“ and we have 5 reasons why the marathon, half marathon, 10K, or 5K on June 22 offer the perfect route for everyone.

  1. Gorgeous scenery: The trail hugs the Jackson River, creating breathtaking views of the river. It follows an old railroad track as the trail loops through the Covington countryside and small communities. The variety of foliage and wildlife make this route enjoyable for all runners.
  2. Mostly flat trail: The scenic trail is mostly gravel-lined with only light hills, making it not too strenuous for beginners and creating only the challenge of distance for advanced runners. Whether you want a light jog with the family or to push yourself, the Jackson River Scenic Trail provides a smooth run for every pace.
  3. Wooded trail provides shade: The biggest adversary to summer runs is the beating heat of the sun. The Jackson River Scenic Trail weaves through woods, providing a reprieve from the intense heat. The shade also makes this trail ideal for spectators to come out and support runners.
  4. The Jackson River Scenic Trail Run coincides with the annual Covington Cork and Pork Festival: A fun, local reward following your run on the trail, the Covington Cork and Pork Festival in downtown Covington provides ribs, barbecue, clogging, and family-friendly entertainment.
  5. A perfect fit for everyone: The Jackson River Scenic Trail races are an ideal run event to engage all aspiring and regular athletes. Run, walk, or do a little of both on the route of your choosing.

The Jackson River Scenic Trail Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K