5 Questions with Trail Sisters Blue Ridge

Looking for someone to hit the trails with? Trail Sisters Blue Ridge is a trail running group for women by women and offers plenty of opportunities to get outside with group runs and hikes.

The group is part of the bigger Trail Sisters national organization with a mission is to increase women’s participation and opportunity in trail running through inspiration, education, and empowerment.

5 Questions with Lauren Jones and Lauren Hartman of Trail Sisters Blue Ridge

Lauren Jones (left) and Lauren Hartman of Trail Sisters Blue Ridge before Into the Darkness Night Trail Run. 

What is Trail Sisters?

Trail Sisters is a women’s trail running community that strives to empower and encourage women to participate in trail running, regardless of experience or ability. We started a chapter here in Roanoke because we love trail running ourselves, and we want to spread that love with other women in the region. By hosting beginner-friendly, no-drop, women-only trail runs, we’re hoping we can remove any barrier that might be keeping a sister off of the trails.

How can someone get involved?

We post the times and locations of our runs and hikes in our Facebook group (Trail Sisters Blue Ridge, Virginia). It’s as easy as showing up! If one of our group runs doesn’t fit your schedule, we hope that you can connect with other trail sisters in the Facebook group to coordinate additional trail runs.

What events/activities do you participate in?

We will be leading no-drop runs and hikes of varying distances on different trails throughout the area. We also enjoy participating in many of the local trail races, and would love to see new trail sisters join us!

What should someone know before joining a trail run? (Do you need experience?)

We welcome women of all abilities and experience levels, even if it’s your very first time on a trail. We will not leave anyone behind!

Don’t expect to keep the same pace as on the road, and remember that power hiking is an awesome part of the trail running experience. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy being out on the trails. No special equipment is required, but we do recommend having a sturdy pair of shoes. If you need help finding something that works for you, we recommend getting fitted for a trail shoe at any of our local running stores.

What’s your favorite thing about the outdoor community in the region?

The opportunities for outdoor recreation here are endless, and there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. You can usually find a group of people who loves doing the same thing as you. We hope that Trail Sisters is just one more way that women can connect with each other through a common love for running, hiking, and being outside.