5 Questions with Humble Hustle and Humble Hikes

humble hikesThe Humble Hustle Company, Inc. is a nonprofit in Roanoke that aims to teach love and empower individuals to use every gift they have to give back and help others.

The Humble Hustle has three programs: Pretty Humble, Humble Hikes, and Keep Giving. Humble Hikes works to help get inner city black youth outside through environmental education and outdoor recreation activities. Humble Hikes aims to teach a love of the outdoors to all young people in the program.

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5 Questions with Humble Hustle and Humble Hikes

1. What type of activities and educational opportunities do youth in the program participate in?

Youth in the humble hikes program are exposed to outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, camping, mountain biking, and more. Along with exposure activities, they participate in educational enrichment through plant and tree identification, recycling skills, outdoor cooking, environmental justice, etc.

2. Who does Humble Hikes serve and why?

We serve black youth in grades third through ninth who are eager to experience the outdoors in the Roanoke valley. There is an imbalance in equity around Roanoke. The reason we provide this program is because of a lack of resources, representation, and exposure to the outdoors within black communities.

3. Why is it important to engage youth in Humble Hikes?

It is important to engage youth in this program to increase environmental education and activism within the black community. Taking youth outdoors enhances their understanding and involvement in environmental careers which in turn increases representation. This program also facilitates creativity and teaches healthy coping skills.

4. What are some accomplishments of Humble Hikes?

We have been operating for three years and taken 113 youth on outdoor excursions thus far. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted an event that virtually connected our youth to a black-Latino thru-hiker. Most recently, we gained successful partnerships with fleet feet and Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

5. How can I be an effective ally, volunteer, and partner?

Challenge yourself to get into spaces that force you to be uncomfortable. Encourage diversity in outdoor programs and outdoor companies. Lastly, join us in dialogue! Email The Humble Hustle Company Inc. at thehumblehustleco@gmail.com.