5 Must Watch Events at GO Fest

Did you know that professional athletes from all over the country will be performing at the Anthem GO Outside Festival? From bike pros to top dogs to lumberjacks, and slackliners, there are plenty of shows to watch in awe.

You’ll find them all at GO Fest, Oct. 12-14 at River’s Edge. Admission is free.

  1. Ultimate Air Dogs: Watch dogs compete in categories like “longest jump” or enter your pup to jump. You can even stand at the end of the pool to watch as each contestant dives straight at you (a favorite for the kids). Dogs can do tricks on land too, the sports demo is packed with dogs that snatch a disc out of the air, show off their smarts with amazing tricks, and race through fun obstacles like weave poles.
  2. Lumberjack Show: Over the top antics from logrolling to climbing are a fan favorite. You’ll see a full treatment of timber-crushing action – whole logs of pine sliced in seconds; axes hurled from distances of up to 20 feet; the best tools of the lumberjack trade, from modern tech to old time implements; and more feats of “lumbersexual” strength.
  3. Slackline Pros: Watch pro team members hop, flip and perform stunts on a slackline easier than most can do on flat ground. The tension always accumulates before the infamous backflip, which has been consistently pulled off by these seasoned pros. (And then stick around and try it for yourself.)
  4. Sprint Protown BMX Stunt Show: The aerial spectacle featuring professional bikers many of whom have competed in X Games, Gravity Games, and more! Watch as they flip, spin, and perform amazing acrobatic feats all while riding a bicycle.
  5. Live Music: The Haley Toyota stage will be rocking Friday and Saturday night with tons of free music from a variety of bands. The Saturday headliner features national touring act, Monophonics. (Want to get closer to the music? Upgrade to the VIP Music Package.)

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