2 Awesome Reasons to Give Back

Looking for a way to feel a little better? Volunteer!

Volunteering is more than just supporting a cause or event you believe in. It can also be a great way to get free access to an event (and work while you play) or score sweet swag.

Here are two upcoming opportunities:

Clean Valleyโ€™s Riverfest on Saturday, June 29

Jobs include working tents, setting up, grabbing all those little ducks out of the water, and more. Each volunteer gets a free shirt and is in the mix during all of the dayโ€™s activity.


Devils Backbone Road to Hoopla Battle of the Bands on Saturday, Aug. 3

Jobs include checking IDs, selling tickets, and pouring beer. Each volunteer will be right in the middle of the concert featuring J Roddy Walston and the Business, plus four other local bands. Proceeds from the event benefit the Roanoke Outside Foundation.