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Trail Conditions

The trails of the Roanoke Region are incredible and rely heavily on volunteers to maintain them. These volunteers are out there every day hiking and exploring but they can't cover every trail.

  • Learn about current trail conditions
  • Post trail conditions
  • Post hazards or areas needing attention (such as downed trees)
  • Report a trashed area
  • Post trail closures
  • and more


Helpful Tips:

  • The only good time to go on single track trails in the winter is when the ground is frozen or about a week after a thaw.
  • Go out early in the morning before the ground begins to thaw.
  • At Carvins - the trails that thaw (and thus dry out the quickest) are the southern facing trails.
  • Carvins Cove trails that dry the quickest are:  Gauntlet, Trough, Buck, Hi-Dee-Hoe, Tuck-a-Way, Four Gorge, Arrowhead, and Songbird.
  • Fireroads are OK to ride in a thaw or wet condition as they are much harder to damage and much easier to maintain.
  • Mill Mountain Trails have more rock and are affected very little by rain and thaw.
  • Pandapas (Poverty Creek) and Explore Park are two of the worse areas to use after wet spells or thaw due to the soil composition.

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