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Poverty Creek Trail (w/ side trip to Pandapas Pond)

Ideal For:

  • Mountain Biking (beginner to expert)
  • Day Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Picnicing (Pandapas Pond area)

Time Requirements:  Poverty Creek Trail is an out and back trail which means that you can turn around whenever you want.  This particular route is ~3.7 miles one way (~7.4 round trip).  By accessing the trails that branch off of Poverty Creek Trail you can can easily spend an entire day in this trail system and not finish all the trails.

Directions to Trailhead: 
From Blacksburg, VA take 460W for ~3 miles. As you leave Blacksburg you will drive up a large mountain and as you come down the backside be in the left lane.  At the bottom Turn Left to access Pandapas Pond.  Make an immediate left into the main parking lot (for bikes, horses, etc.) or continue straight to access the Pandapas Pond day use picnic area and restroom facilities (no bike/horses allowed).

Trail/Trip Description:  The Poverty Creek Trail system (also known as Pandapas Pond) is a network of multi-use trails perfect for hiking, running, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

Poverty Creek Trail is the easiest of the trails in this system.  It is a series of small ups and downs and is ideal for mountain bikers of all skill levels but especially great for those just getting into the sport.  Think of Poverty Creek Trail as the "spine"; there are many trails that branch off of Poverty Creek that are more challenging. 

The trails are color coded:
Green = Easier (all of the Poverty Creek Trail is green)
Blue = Moderate
Black = Difficult

Included in this map is a side trip out to see Pandapas Pond (Bikes and Horses are not permitted in/around the pond area).  There is a restroom located next to the pond.

There are 3 small creek crossings along this route (see photos).

Note:  There are many "unauthorized" trails that have been created over the years.  It is recommened that you only travel on trails that have sign posts at their trail heads.

Map:  Click Here to see an overview map - please note that it is not entirely accurate but should get the job done.