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Fort-Lewis-Havens-WildlifeHavens Wildlife Management Area occupies a 7,190 acres of Fort Lewis Mountain, about 5 miles west of Roanoke area. This is steep and generally inaccessible terrain except to the hardiest of hardcores. Elevations range from 1,500 to 3,200 feet. There is very little water present, occurring only in small intermittent streams that flow through the area during wet periods and several water holes constructed for wildlife. The biking is incredible … but you’d better plan on being out there for a full day.

Havens has two primary public access points, the Carroll’s Access Road from Route 619 (Wildwood Road) on the south side and Route 622 (Bradshaw Road) where it joins the area’s northwest boundary. Access from Interstate 81 at Salem is via Route 619 or 311 North toward Catawba.

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