Let’s Keep the Top Town Title

top town roanoke

How does Roanoke only have 3 percent of the vote so far?

Blue Ridge Outdoors has launched its annual Top Town contest and Roanoke needs your votes. (You can vote daily.)

We need to keep the title here in the region, as winners of the contest last year and in four of the last five years (Top Mid-Sized Town in 2015, Best Trail Town in 2013) and Best Mountain Town in 2012).

An honor like this is about more than bragging rights … and that’s why every vote matters.

A community invested in the outdoors is more than just good for the adventure-seeker. Recent research shows that communities like Roanoke that invest in invest in bike paths, parks and recreational assets, as well as in infrastructure that improves walkability have demonstrably better outcomes in important areas of health for their residents.

Earning recognition from a publication such as Blue Ridge Outdoors helps, too! It helps spread what we already know in the Roanoke Region to people in other locations that may not know what a hopping outdoor spot this is.