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Camping & Hiking Outfitters

Do you want to go camping but don't have the equipment or know-how? These companies can get you on the path to becoming skilled campers.

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing
Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing offers a customizable camping package. From just renting your gear (tent, backpack, sleeping bag, etc.) to actually sending a guide with you to help get your campsite set up and dinner cooking.

  • 800.782.0779
  • Located in New Castle (map it)

Guided day hikes and camping trips in and around the Roanoke Region of Virginia. Hike beautiful trails during the day, stay in your hotel at night. Or...turn your adventure into an overnight camping experience.

  • 540.339.5900
  • Based in Roanoke

Riders Up Outfitters
Riders Up Outfitters is an outdoor store that offers canoe and kayak rentals, guided fly fishing trips, and campsite equipment rental and set up.

  • 540.862.7999
  • Located in Clifton Forge (map it)

Outdoor Trails
Outdoor Trails rents a variety of camping supplies (tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and more).

  • 540.992.5850
  • Located in Daleville (map it)

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