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Running is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and that’s also true in the Roanoke Region.

Our area is home to America’s Toughest Road Marathon, you can find a 5K or trail race on the calendar almost any weekend of the year, and area pub runs are growing by leaps and bounds.

So, let’s go for a run.

One of the appeals of running is that is something almost anyone can do and you can put as much or as little time into it as you like. Been thinking about running, but not sure where to start? Roanoke is home to plenty of groups to help you find support, training, and even just good conversation.

“We are here to support one another and our passion,” says Marion Childress, founder of C&C Runners.

Here’s a look at running groups, when they meet, and how you can get involved. There’s something for every skill level from walker to marathoner.

Find Running Groups


  • Blacksburg Striders Expand Collapse

    The Blacksburg Striders running club, located in Blacksburg, began in 1980 as the Virginia Tech Striders. Though the name has changed, our purpose remains the same: To provide community involvement and a source of camaraderie for local runners to enjoy group events, races, social activities, and community service in the context of the sport.

    Members receive discounts from local athletic stores, reduced entrance fees to club-organized races.

  • Body by Parkway Runner’s Club Expand Collapse

    The running group is a “ great place to make new running pals and ‘earn’ your favorite craft brews,” says Keno Snyder, owner/manager of Parkway Brewing Company. Get your card punched after each run and with three finishes, earn a pint for a penny.

    • Activities: The weekly 5K run starts at 6 p.m. on Thursdays at Parkway Brewing, follows the greenway and comes back to the brewery, which is open for tastings and will have food options from an area food truck.
    • Who should join: Anyone who enjoys a good run (and a good brew)
    • Cost: Free
    • Contact info:
  • C&C Runners Expand Collapse

    For runners of like passions who like to share their adventures and photos. We love info on running, racing, encouragement, family functions, and info on upcoming races. The running team has been participating in events together since 2010. Each team member is assigned a unique team ID, such as those used by running groups such as Marathon Maniacs.

    • Activities: Team running at various events; great place to find running partners or buddies. Walking groups on Tuesday and Thursdays; keep up with events on Facebook.
    • Who should join: For running, jogging, and walking; team includes runners that are “slow, fast, and everything in between” says founder Marion Childress, who noted that the group is great for beginners.
    • Cost: Free, C&C logo can be added to shirts for $3
    • Contact info: Marion Childress on Facebook page
  • Crooked Road Running Club Expand Collapse

    Franklin County-based running group plans weekly runs, an annual run from Rocky Mount to Ferrum College (CR10) and the Crooked Road 24 Hour Ultra (CR24) at Waid Park. Group also hosts social events. The CRRC is an RRCA affiliated club.

  • Fleet Feet Pub Runs and Training Programs Expand Collapse

    Pub runs are designed for runners who want to get out for 3 to 5 miles and join the group for food or drink afterward. Runs are designed for fun. Training groups happen throughout the year to prepare runners for specific events or goals. Learn more about training programs, including Zoomerangs for Kids, the Summer Speed Series, and the No Boundaries Path to 5K Running Program.

    • Activities: Weekly pub run along the Roanoke River Greenway starting and finishing at the Wasena City Tap Room; begins at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays. “It’s a great way to meet people,” says Saralyn Hamilton of Fleet Feet Sports, who noted that some pub runs drawn more than 200 people. Vendor partners also come for the pub runs and allow runners to test new gear or learn about upcoming events.
    • Who should join: Pub runs are a fun activity for runners of any level. Training programs are designed for different activity levels from couch to 5K all the way to marathons.
    • Cost: Pub runs are free (shirts are available for sale); training varies in cost by program
    • Contact info: Saralyn Hamilton at Fleet Feet Roanoke
  • Roanoke Valley Trail Runners Expand Collapse

    With three different types of groups, run follow a no runner left behind mindset and will stop and wait on runners to catch up. Start as a group, finish as a group. Formal and informal runs can be found on the Facebook page.

    • Activities: Three weekly trail run groups and informal meetups. The Turtles group is designed for beginners or for runners who like to run/walk the trails with group leader Paula Laag. Second group is No Runner Left Behind which is geared for beginners who want to work on getting their miles up and all other runners who like working on their pace. This group will stop and wait at intersections and on long climbs. Will have a short break to let everybody catch their breath with group leader Doug Falls. The third group is the Non Stop Group (who likes to stop and talk?). This group is geared for the runners who like to run at a faster pace. Will stop at some intersections and at the turn around spot with group leader Tabitha Walker.
    • Who should join: Anybody who enjoys running local trails
    • Cost: Free
  • RunAbout Sports Training Group Expand Collapse

    Run with a casual group of runners and train for events. “Our group is very low key and laid back,” says Ed Shepherd. “We get together on Saturdays but we also try to run together a couple of times during the week utilizing some of the other organized runs as our venue.”

    • Activities: Meet on Saturdays at 7 a.m. as a group for our long runs; other shorter runs throughout the week. All group runs can be found in the Runabout Sports Roanoke calendar.
    • Who should join: Anyone that wants to with a group of friends, Couch to 5K and half- and full-marathon training options available
    • Cost: Free
    • Contact info: Ed Shepherd at RunAbout Sports Roanoke
  • Star City Striders Expand Collapse

    Volunteer organized group of active individuals who celebrate a running and walking lifestyle. We welcome all speeds, levels of competitiveness (and non-competitive) and fitness levels to take part in races, fun events, and group runs for our health and well-being. Members participate in individual running activities, races, and as volunteers at area events and has been active Roanoke since the 1970s. The group also maintains a calendar of all of the races happening in the area.

    • Activities: Group runs and event planning across the region. Check the “Run with Us! page for the group run schedule (varies by season), including weekend group runs. Monthly meetings and social events throughout the year, as well.
    • Who should join: Runners of all levels.
    • Cost: Membership is $15 per year, and comes with a race discount
    • Contact info:
  • The Original Pub Run Roanoke Expand Collapse

    The the first Pub Run Group in Roanoke is a group that likes to socialize after runs. The pub run has been taking place weekly since 2008. Find each week’s run on Facebook.

    • Activities: Meets weekly for 3-5 mile run/walk in the Grandin Road. Group meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the Village Grill.
    • Who should join: For running, jogging, and walking; pace for everyone with no one left behind.
    • Cost: Free
    • Contact info: John Park,
  • Trail Running with Muddy Squirrel Expand Collapse

    Trail Running training program that lasts six weeks and concludes with a social run for everyone. (There is also a 3-week training option.) The sessions will help you learn how to navigate trails and terrain, how to stay injury-free, and how to “think like a trail runner.”

    • Activities: Training and social runs for trail runners of all levels. Times and locations of social runs are posted on Facebook.
    • Who should join: Runners of all levels.
    • Cost: Social run if free; training program is $49
  • We Run Roanoke Expand Collapse

    Explore Roanoke with a running group that mixes it up with two group runs each week. The catch is that you never know where the run might take you because the location moves before each run and is announced on Facebook the day before. Recent runs have include 3- to 5-mile runs through Downtown Roanoke at night with glowing gear, runs along the greenway, and around the track at Hidden Valley High School. The group is large enough that every runner is sure to find a pace partner.

    • Activities: Group runs on Mondays and Thursdays (usually at 6:30 p.m.); location announced the day before on Facebook.
    • Who should join: Open to all runners
    • Cost: Free
    • Contact info: Facebook group

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