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Family Friendly Ideas

Children today spend an average of six hours each day in front of the computer and TV but less than four minutes a day in unstructured outdoor play.  Roanoke Outside wants to make it easy for you to get your kids OUTSIDE!

Kids In the Valley Adventuring (KIVA) is a local group started by Chip and Ashely Donahue. KIVA provides one to two outdoor outings per month that are designed to connect kids and families with nature. 

The Children & Nature Network was so impressed with what Chip and Ashley had created that they asked them to create a "start a family nature club" packet. These packets have helped family nature clubs sprout up all across the United States. Learn how you can start your own Family Nature Club.

We are working diligently to put together many ideas and suggestions for kid friendly outdoor outings. However we'd love to hear from you too - send us an email with your kid and family friendly ideas and we'll add them to the list.

Here are some outdoor, kid-friendly, family ideas that we've put together so far:

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