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Angels Rest Hike - Appalachian Trail [Show on Map]

Angel's Rest is a 4.6-mile round trip, out and back hike along a well-worn trail that leads into a spring-fed ravine and briefly along an old logging road before settling into a consistent, thrashing course of switchbacks. The path crosses over two ancient rockslides and passes through thick poplar and oaks, as well as laurel and rhododendron.

Apple Orchard Falls [Show on Map] One of the state's tallest and most spectacular waterfalls. Singing streams, dancing down cascades. Huge boulders. Thick stands of forest, ranging from hemlocks to hardwoods. Stunning vistas of the Shenandoah Valley, especially in leaf-off. Towering bluff lines.
Balcony Falls Trail [Show on Map] Balcony Falls Trail is located at milepost 71 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, is a strenuous 5.5-mile trail, one-way hike.
Beards Mountain Trail [Show on Map] Beards Mountain Trail is a 5.5-mile loop trail located within Douthat State Park that provides great vistas.
Blue Suck Falls Trail [Show on Map] Blue Suck Falls Trail is a 9-mile loop trail located within the park that takes you by several water falls including Blue Suck Falls.
Bottom Creek Gorge [Show on Map]

Botom Creek Gorge is a 4.0-mile trail through meadows and along a river. Forming the headwaters of the Roanoke River, Bottom Creek Gorge boasts spectacular scenery: the second highest waterfall in Virginia, virgin hemlocks and hundreds of wildflowers.

Buck Mountain Trail on Roanoke Mountain [Show on Map] A lovely four mile driving loop along the Blue Ridge Parkway hides a wonderful treasure. You would never know the trail leads to such wonderful exploration and discovery. The trail markers are missing, but use the notes given here to walk this very short, family friendly trail.
Buck Run & Locust Spring Run Trails [Show on Map] Buck Run & Locust Spring Run Trails are located on the century railroad tram grades used by previous landowner to log virgin timber. The 2.9-mile Buck Run trail provides a spectacular view of beaver ponds, open glades, and bogs. The 3.1-mile Locust Spring Run trail provides views of northern hardwoods and is ideal for viewing whitetail deer and wild turkey.
Carvins Cove at Bennett Springs [Show on Map] Carvins Cove is the 2nd largest municipal park in the nation and a mountain biking, hiking, and equestrian paradise. It is chock full of both relatively flay, low-lying trails and steep climbs with awesome descents.
Cascade Falls Trail [Show on Map] Cascade Falls Trail is 4-mile trail out and back hike. Cascade Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls (69') in Virginia and possibly on the entire East Coast. Little Stony Creek cascades over a vertical cliff in several different streams.
Chestnut Ridge Trail [Show on Map] The Chestnut Ridge Trail is located along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a wide and well-graded path lined with mountain laurel and rhododendron. The trail offers 5.4 mile figure-eight loop trail that can be shortened to 2.5 and/or 3.4 miles. Less than 10 minutes from downtown Roanoke.
Cobbler Mountain Trail [Show on Map] Cobbler Mountain Trail is 2.67 miles of excellent hiking in the Hidden Valley Recreation Area.
Crabtree Falls Trail [Show on Map] Crabtree Falls Trail is a 2.9 mile trail with cascading falls and scenic views.
David Smith Greenway [Show on Map] This short trail is perfect for beginner bike riders, quiet walks with friends, or a lunchtime power walk. There is a chance to explore the Roanoke River, which slowly flows by.
Devil's Marbleyard, near Roanoke [Show on Map] Devil's Marbleyard is a 3-mile round trip, out and back hike that utilizes the Belfast Trail. The marbleyard is a unique geological feature that can best be described as a huge rock field with boulders ranging from the size of coffee tables to those of large vans.
Dragon's Tooth - Appalachian Trail [Show on Map] Dragon's Tooth is a unique geologic feature that consists of Tuscarora quartzite spires which outcrop on the top of Cove Mountain. The tallest "tooth" projects roughly 35 feet above the surrounding rock. Located on Cove Mountain near the Craig and Roanoke County line, the hike to Dragon's Tooth ascends steep, rugged outcrops of quartzite which form the spine of Cove Mountain. A more difficult hike, Dragon's Tooth summit offers magnificent views of nearby and distant peaks year-round.
Explore Park Trail System [Show on Map] Located off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Expore Park is a 1,100-acre preserve situated along the Roanoke River Gorge with a variety of hiking options. 6+ trail options ranging from <0.5 miles to >10 miles – many of which are loop trails. Only 10 minutes from downtown Roanoke.
Fairy Stone State Park [Show on Map] Fairy Stone State Park, the largest of Virginia's six original state parks, is home to its namesake "fairy stones." These rare mineral crosses and the park's scenic beauty, rich history and ample recreational opportunities make it a local and regional favorite. More than 9 miles of multi-use trails and a lake will keep you busy.
Falls Ridge Natural Preserve [Show on Map] Falls Ridge Preserve has two trails totaling 5 miles. With its nice hiking trails, beautiful waterfall, intriguing caves, rare plants, and convenient location, the Falls Ridge Preserve gets lots of attention. Falls Ridge Preserve is owned and protected by The Nature Conservancy.
Fenwick Mines [Show on Map] Fenwick Mines, an old mining area with trails and a recreation park. The Mine Trail takes you by open pit mines and foundations of old mining structures. The Fenwick Forest Walk is a one-mile nature trail. The Wetland Trail allows you to observe wetlands created by beavers - follow the trail through wetlands and open forests to see a variety of wildlife and vegetation that live in this environment.
Ferrier Trail & Lick Branch Loop [Show on Map] Ferrier Trail & Lick Branch Loop is a 7-mile loop trail that provides good views of Craig Creek Valley and Potts Mountain. Lick Branch offers a cool refreshing walk, except during dry periods. Sign marks intersection of Lick Branch and Ferrier Trails.
Flat Top [Show on Map] Flat Top is a classic Virginia hike – 5.2 mile round trip (out and back) hike at the Peaks of Otter. A lovely trail full of wonderful views, large rock formations, and flora that changes with each turn of the trail, including huge oak, poplar, hickory and beech trees, mountain laurel, rhododendron, and an assortment of wildflowers.
Fore Mountain Trail [Show on Map] Fore Mountain Trail is a remote 13 mile trail that travels near the highest point in the Allegheny Mountains. It passes through upland hardwoods and pines that are typical of high elevation forests.
Franklin County Recreational Park [Show on Map] Franklin County Recreational Park is located two miles off Route 220 and is home to trails rolling over beautiful wooded hills, nestled around an acre size fishing pond.
Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve Hiking Trail [Show on Map] Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve Hiking Trail starts on Technology Drive in Rocky Mount, across from the YMCA. This hiking trail is managed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and totals more than 6.6 miles of scenic hiking.
Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail [Show on Map] Located in Salem, this simple, historical trail offers a touch of local and national history, as well as a pleasant place to walk off lunch. Many lovely wildflowers grow along the trail, which runs alongside Mason's Creek.
Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory [Show on Map] Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory is a half-hour hike with great views. The hike takes you to the observatory. Since 1952, Hanging Rock has been a monitoring point for hawk, eagle, falcon, and osprey migration along the birds' eastern route.
Harkening Hill [Show on Map] The lowest of the three Peaks of Otter, Harkening Hill is the only one with a "loop" trail that swings by the top. Harkening Hill sees far less traffic than it's bigger brother Sharp Top so the trail is in much better shape. Many interesting granite boulder formations are found on Harkening Hill.
Hoop Hole Trail [Show on Map] Hoop Hole Loop has two loops. The lower loop is 4 miles and skips the views from the ridge top and the extended loop is 9 miles. Both loops offer beautiful views of the streams cascading over rocks and swimming holes. The longer loop climbs to the top of the ridge for scenic views of the surrounding mountains. Use the Iron Ore Trail to connect to Roaring Run.
Huckleberry Trail [Show on Map] The Huckleberry Trail is an asphalt-paved bike/pedestrian path. The trail currently runs from the Blacksburg library to the New River Mall. There are distance markers every half mile and benches spaced along the trail where you can rest and enjoy the scenery. Parking is available at both ends as well as near Warm Hearth and the Hightop and Merrimac Rd. crossings. The trail is 5.7 miles in length with easy walking and biking options. Located between Blacksburg and Christiansburg.
Jackson River Scenic Trail [Show on Map] Jackson River Scenic Trail is a 17-mile trail in Alleghany County, Virginia, which runs from Covington, Virginia to the Coles Point Recreation Area at Lake Moomaw. The trail, which was developed from an old railroad bed, provides access to many natural, historic and scenic resources. The Jackson River, running adjacent to the trail, contributes a distinct and scenic landscape feature, while providing a natural habitat for reproducing wild trout. The first seven miles is now open to the public for those who enjoy hiking, biking, and nature walks.
James River Wilderness Trail [Show on Map] James River Wilderness Trail is a 21.9-mile section of the Appalachian Trail that parallels the James River. This moderately strenuous trail overlooks the James River Water Gap and offers many multi-day hiking and camping options.
Kelly's Knob [Show on Map] Kelly's Knob is a 6.6 mile, out and back hike on the Appalachian Trail. Kelly Knob is located on a ridge that bridges the valley between John's Creek Mountain and Clover Hollow Mountain. While Kelly Knob is not the highest point on the ridgelet – (the high point is densely wooded), it is still much higher than its mountain neighbors, thus affording a fantastic vista of the New River Valley.
Lick Run Greenway [Show on Map] Spent the night at Hotel Roanoke, and now you want to take a really nice walk to explore the lovely city of Roanoke? This is your spot! Ask someone at the front desk to point you in the right direction.
Lipes Branch Trail [Show on Map] Lipes Branch Trail is 2.3-mile (round trip) hike up Potts Mountain. The trail passes through the Barbours Creek Wilderness Area and is located near The Pines Campground.
McAfee Knob - Appalachian Trail [Show on Map] McAfee Knob is the most photographed site along the Appalachian Trail. The Knob has an almost 270-degree panorama of the Catawba Valley and North Mountain to the west, Tinker Cliffs to the north and the Roanoke Valley to the east.
McDowell Battlefield Trail [Show on Map] McDowell Battlefield Trail leads to the top of Sittlington Hill and the core of the McDowell Battlefield. This battle, fought on May 8, 1862, was the first victory of Jackson's Valley Campaign during the Civil War.
Mill Mountain Greenway [Show on Map] A nice descending trail, lined with rock walls and tree barriers, makes for a nice mid-day get away. Mill Mountain Greenway is often used by road bikes and lunch time walkers.
Mill Mountain Park [Show on Map] Mill Mountain Park has more than 9 miles of hiking and biking trails – all within five minutes of downtown Roanoke.
Mill Mountain Park Trails (sampling) [Show on Map] The Mill Mountain Park trail system offers incredible mountain biking and hiking options within 5 minutes of downtown Roanoke.
Mill Mountain Star Trail [Show on Map] The Star Trail traverses from the Roanoke River to the city's highest point, the summit of Mill Mountain (1703 ft.) & the Roanoke Star. 500 acres of parkland atop Mill Mountain, picnic areas, overlooks that provide 20-60 mile vistas, access to additional hiking trails, the Mill Mountain Zoo and more
Mountain Lake Conservancy [Show on Map] Mountain Lake Conservancy is a 2,600-acre hiking and birding paradise. Twenty trails will allow you to explore this hidden gem. (trail map)
Mud Lick Greenway (Garst Mill Park) [Show on Map] This short greenway trail is lined with manicured flower gardens and wild naturalized ares. With a number of activity possibilities, including basketball, tennis, baseball,and two playgrounds, a walk along the Garst Mill Greenway is just one more great adventure one could have at this park.
Murray Run Greenway [Show on Map] Looking for a wonderful walk in the woods with your family? Need a spot to walk the do? Trail run? Do it in style. This mostly mulched trail is waiting for you!
North Mountain Trail [Show on Map] North Mountain Trail, is a 13.2 mile trail, with several shorter loop options. Outstanding views.
North Mountain Trail [Show on Map] North Mountain Trail is a 9.5-mile trail that begins at Longdale Recreation Area. It is also an excellent mountain biking trail.
Pandapas Pond & Poverty Creek Trails [Show on Map] Pandapas Pond & Poverty Creek Trails is a network of multi-use trails perfect for hiking, running, horseback riding, and mountain biking. More than 20 miles of trails of varying degree of difficulty.
Patterson Mountain Trail System [Show on Map] Patterson Mountain Trail System is a network of five trails totaling 13.1 miles: Patterson Mountain Trail (6.5 miles), Tucker Trail (1 mile), Helms Trail (1.6), Elmore Trail (2.5), and Loop Trail (1.5).
Philpott's Dogwood Glenn Trail [Show on Map] Philpott's Dogwood Glenn Trail is a 5-mile hike with scenic lake, wildlife, and wooded views. This trail stretches from Salthouse Branch at Philpott Lake to the Philpott Park Tailrace. (Map to Salthouse Branch)
Poor Mountain Natural Area Preserve [Show on Map]

Poor Mountain Natural Area Preserve protects the world's largest population of the globally rare shrub Piratebushpiratebush, which is restricted to only a handful of sites in the mountains of Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. A 0.75 or 3.8 mile trail will guide you through the preserve.

Radford Mountain Bike Park [Show on Map] Radford Mountain Bike Park also offers great hiking options. This 100 acre gem overlooking Claytor Lake is Radford's newest area for mountain biking, trail running, hiking, walking and bird watching. Built to IMBA (International Mountain Biking) guidelines, this property features 12 trails that cover 8-10 miles of serene habitat. The trails vary from easy to advanced. You will see lots of birds, an occasional deer and even a view of Claytor Lake.
Read Mountain [Show on Map] Read Mountain is a 243-acre Roanoke County park. It is a ~1.9-mile (3.8 round trip) out/back trail from the parking lot to the Buzzard Rocks summit. This is a moderately difficult hike and you are rewarded with a spectacular view of the valley.
Roanoke River Greenway [Show on Map] Roanoke River Greenway runs more than 5 miles from Wasena Park to Bennington Rd.. Starting at Wasena Park, the first part of the greenway is kid friendly, slightly downhill, and a very easy walk, ride, or run with plenty of playgrounds along the route.
Roanoke River Greenway at Green Hill Park [Show on Map] This lovely, level and well maintained greenway space is a great spot for a family bike ride, a group jog, or to walk your dog. This popular greenway is often busy with foot and bike traffic.
Roaring Run [Show on Map] Roaring Run is an excellent hiking trail for the whole family, young and old alike. The easy, well-marked trail begins at an historic iron furnace and winds back and forth along the Roaring Run stream. You will pass rock walls, cascading water, and cross five footbridges before ending at beautiful Roaring Run Falls. Along the way you will pass a natural water slide that is perfect for sliding.
Rock Castle Gorge Trail [Show on Map] An incredible 11 mile hike just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are several variations you can do for shorter mileage but it is highly recommended that you complete the entire loop to obtain the best experience.
Sharp Top [Show on Map] Sharp Top is a classic 3-mile round trip (out and back) hike at the Peaks of Otter. Sharp Top was long thought to be Virginia's tallest mountain, when in fact, it is not even the tallest of the Peaks of Otter. Nearby Flat Top rises to 4,001 feet. Mount Rogers near the North Carolina border is the state's tallest mountain at 5,729.
Smart View Loop Trail - Blue Ridge Parkway [Show on Map] Smart View Loop Trail is a 3-mile loop trail located on the Blue Ridge Parkway that offers excellent views of the Virginia Piedmont. Various trails meander through moist deciduous woodlands, hardwood forests, and open fields.
Smith Mountain Lake Community Park [Show on Map] Smith Mountain Lake Community Park has a trail totaling 3 miles of pleasant lake and wooded view hiking. Entry and exit points are scattered throughout the park, with signs identifying each.
Stewarts Knob Trail [Show on Map] Stewarts Knob Trail is an easy half-mile hike located at mile post 110.6 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Sulphur Springs Ridge & Price Mountain Trail [Show on Map] Located in Craig County, this 5 mile loop offers you a chance to leave everything behind. Odds of running into another hiker - zero.
Tinker Cliffs (Andy Layne Trail) [Show on Map]

Tinker Cliffs (Andy Layne Trail) is a difficult trail with creeks and intriguing rock formations. Connects to Appalachian Trail. Great views from Tinker Cliffs.

Tinker Ridge/Hay Rock Overlook [Show on Map] Tinker Ridge Trail crosses Tinker Creek, which is the site depicted in Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek," then ascends Tinker Ridge providing the most spectacular views of Carvins Cove Reservoir and the Roanoke Valley.
Tuscarora Trail [Show on Map] Tuscarora Trail one of the classic trails located inside Douthat State Park. This 10-mile trail is strenuous but you are rewarded with incredible views and wildlife encounters.
Waid Recreation Area [Show on Map] Waid Recreation Area has 7 miles of hiking trails. These trails travel through rivers, over hills, across farm lands, and atop abandoned dirt roads.
Wolf Creek Greenway [Show on Map] Located in the Town of Vinton, the Wolf Creek Greenway runs along a portion of Wolf Creek which is a tributary of the Roanoke River.