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Greenways are open-space corridors reserved for recreational use or environmental preservation that connect urban centers. Most greenways can be found along rivers, across ridgelines and along other scenic or historic routes. These spaces often have hiking or multi-use trails, which help link Roanoke’s natural beauty to its charming neighborhoods and vibrant downtown.

What is there to do on a greenway? You can always take a walk or go for a run, of course, but there are actually a lot of other ways to spice up your greenway experience. You might bike to your favorite restaurant or shop, have a picnic with your friends and family, fly a kite, watch nature, fish, play with your dogs or learn in-line skating.Your group could volunteer to "Adopt-a-Greenway" section to help keep the space clean and enjoyable. Whatever you're into, greenways improve the quality of life in Roanoke, not only for human users, but for the plant and animal populations that call these areas home.

Click on the map below to learn more about the various greenways spread throughout Roanoke. Check out detailed information about greenways located within the Roanoke city limits. Not represented on this map is the Huckleberry Trail (Blacksburg), Jackson Scenic River Trail (Alleghany County) and the New River Trail State Park.

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Greenways are extremely popular and at times can be crowded. The following video includes basic etiquette to ensure everyones' experience is enjoyable:

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