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Get Outside Weekend Update -- 10/16-19

Festivals, Events, & Outings

Thursday, October 16

Friday, October 17

Saturday, October 18

Sunday, October 19

Monday, October 20

Tuesday, October 21

Wednesday, October 22

Thursday, October 23

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Pete's Pick: GO Fest is for Everyone

This year marks the fourth time the Anthem GO Outside Festival has convened on the banks of the Roanoke River, and when festival-goers enter the River's Edge Sports Complex grounds from Oct. 17-19, they will be greeted with the most exciting GO Fest to date.

The 2014 edition of GO Fest features some fantastic additions to the free activities festival-goers can enjoy. There will be a zip-line on site thanks to Eddie Bauer and Wilderness Adventures at Eagles Landing. Also new this year is a pump track that will play host to professional stunt shows as well as being available to ride throughout the weekend. Extended Mill Mountain shuttle service will allow attendees to demo more gear on actual trails and take advantage of new vendors like Hoka and Adidas. 

Over the past four years, GO Fest has grown into one of the premier outdoor festivals on the East Coast because, simply, there is something for everyone. GO Fest celebrates and encourages getting outdoors and living a healthy, active lifestyle. This is a message that appeals to almost everyone, and we strive to include a variety of activities at GO Fest to reflect the idea that the outdoors is for everyone.   

It begins with the cost of entry into GO Fest, which is $0. Thanks to Roanoke Parks & Rec, the Roanoke Regional Partnership, and other generous sponsors, GO Fest is a free event. This allows anyone who is even remotely curious about outdoor recreation or the natural assets of the Roanoke Region to get involved.

If you have ever been curious about biking, hiking, paddling, fly fishing, or other activities, GO Fest is the perfect place to start learning. Beginners can get advise on technique and how to get started from professionals and experts, while the more advanced can test out next year's gear or enter a race. Anyone can get a great deal on used gear at the yard sale or learn practical wilderness skills like knife sharpening, knot tying, or basic river safety. 

So, whether you are looking to step up your game or just take your first step onto the trail, GO Fest can get you there. Bring the kids, bring the dog, and bring a friend to the River's Edge Sports Complex from Oct. 17-19 to celebrate everything outdoors!

Hope to see you there!

Pete Eshelman (friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter)
Director of Outdoor Branding
Roanoke Regional Partnership

Check out the Outdoor Calendar for upcoming events
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Need New Gear? Enter the Wild Gear Chase

Wild Gear ChaseIf you love outdoor recreation you know that having the right gear can make or break an adventure. You probably also know that getting the right gear can cost you. 

Well, on Oct. 18, you'll have the chance to get that perfect piece of equipment for free during the Anthem GO Outside Festival's Wild Gear Chase.

This may be a Wild Gear Chase but don't worry, even if you're slow you'll catch some sweet stuff. From water bottles and hats to bikes and kayaks, and everything in between, everyone walks away with a piece of gear in this unique "treasure hunt." 

Using a map, a corresponding "cue sheet," and your brains, participants have two hours to race to as many checkpoints (both urban and wilderness locations) scattered throughout a two-mile radius of GO Fest. Hit as many checkpoints as you can, then head back to the finish within the two-hour time limit. Racers are then ranked based on points and time, and line up in front of the gear tent. Every 30 seconds a person enters the gear tent; you can stay in the tent as long as you want but you can only leave the tent with one piece of gear, so choose wisely.

The Gear Chase is a simple orienteering race so you don't need special skills to participate, or even win. You can use your smartphone, GPS, or compass to find the checkpoints within the two hour time limit. 

Space is limited to 200 participants - only 100 spots left! - so make sure you register in advance to claim your spot. 

Find more details and register for the Wild Gear Chase >>>

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Get Ready to Rock at GO Fest

Hackensaw BoysAre you ready to rock at Anthem GO Fest?

The outdoors and live music go together like peas in a pod, so no outside festival would be complete without some groovy tunes. To go along with the biggest and best GO Fest ever, we have compiled a music lineup to match in 2014. 

It starts on Friday, Oct. 17, with Proverbial hitting the stage at the River's Edge Sports Complex at 7:30 pm. Proverbial is a festival circuit favorite, combining funk, rock, reggae, and hip-hop into an energetic and powerful live show. 

Saturday, Oct. 18, features a full slate of live music beginning with regional bluegrass and Americana group Blue Moonshine kicking off at 3:30 pm. They will be followed by a band getting a lot of buzz in the industry lately, Humming House. Humming House is a musical experiment gone right, mixing up a range of influences to produce a unique sound that appeals to multiple generations of music fans.

Back again this year and headlining on Saturday, Oct. 18, are the Hackensaw Boys. Blending traditional country, southern rock, and old-time, the Hackensaw Boys are on the leading edge of the new Americana movement. Not to mention they "play every show like it's their last day on earth" - as a GO Fest attendee said last year. You are in for one heck of an evening when the Hackensaw Boys come to town.  

And it's all FREE thanks to Varekai Cirque du Soleil at the Berglund Center, Starr Hill, and South16 at the Bridges. Be sure to bring your boogie shoes.

Check out more about the band rocking GO Fest >>>

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GO Fest Going to the Dogs

Dogs flying high at GO FestHere at Roanoke Outside, we understand the joys of having a loyal canine companion. That's why the Anthem GO Outside Festival is an official pet friendly event!

GO Fest attendees are encouraged to bring their dogs to the festival grounds from Oct. 17-19 at the River's Edge Sports Complex, provided they are on leash and are picked up after. Not only that, there will be many activities specifically for dogs and their owners. 

Your Local Ford Dealer and Walkabout Outfitters have teamed up to once again bring the Ultimate Air Dogs show to GO Fest! The Air Dogs will be performing all weekend long, and you can even sign your pooch up to take a leap into the giant dog pool. 

Along with the Air Dogs show, there are plenty of other chances for your canine to get involved in GO Fest. The Roanoke Kennel Club will be hosting clinics on retrieving, tracking, tricks, and more, as well as Conformation Dog Shows for the kids. The Star City Canine Training Club is holding agility training sessions throughout the weekend, with Go Big Agility providing demos. Sign you dog up to run the course, or just watch these athletes compete. 

Ever seen a dog relay race? That's the idea of the flyball races, which pit two four-dog teams against each other in a relay race of fetch over obstacles. Also on hand will be the Fetch n' Fly Frisbee Crew showing off their leaping ability and showing you how to get your dog to catch a Frisbee out of mid air. 

As an added bonus, Dublin Dog will be awarding prizes at the agility contest, dog trick contest, and the best dog costume at the HomeTown Back Superhero Race. 

Once you've worn your dog out with running, jumping, and fetching, walk them over to the Orvis Pet Watering/Snack Station for a quick break. 

It's going to be a dog day afternoon all weekend long at GO Fest. See you there!

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Get Outside Weekend Update -- 10/2-9

Festivals, Events, & Outings

Thursday, October 2

Friday, October 3

Saturday, October 4

Sunday, October 5

Monday, October 6

Tuesday, October 7

Wednesday, October 8

Thursday, October 9

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Pete's Pick: Get Stoked for GO Fest

Anthem GO FestThe fourth annual Anthem GO Outside Festival is coming to the River's Edge Sports Complex in Roanoke on Oct. 17-19, and we could not be more stoked.  Started by the Roanoke Regional Partnership and Roanoke Parks and Recreation in 2011, GO Fest has grown into one of the East Coast's premiere outdoor sports festivals and is simply "THE" place to be if you like being outside. And thanks to sponsors like Anthem, Carter Machinery, Eddie Bauer, Keen, Ford, and numerous others it's all FREE.

With so many cool things to see and do at this year's GO Fest, we want to help you plan your weekend. Over the next couple of weeks we will be laying out all the races, clinics, workshops, activities, and exhibitions happening throughout the weekend. 

We have divided all the events into three convenient categories: Watch It, Try It, and Race It.

Under the Watch It category you will find all of the professional demonstrations, live music, and stunt shows happening at GO Fest, including Ultimate Air Dogs, Jeff Lenosky bike trials, BMX Stunt Show, and more.

GO Fest is unique in that we don't just want you to watch the pros, we want you to try it for yourself. Under the Try It category, you'll find details on all the gear you can demo, sports you can try, and other activities available during the weekend. New this year is a zip line and bike pump track on-site. 

What would an outdoors festival be without a little competition? There will be races galore during GO Fest, many beginning and ending on festival grounds. Step up to the trail half marathon, or go for the gear in the Wild Gear Chase. There is something for everyone, including kids and dogs!

This year's GO Fest is bigger and better, with more gear, demos, workshops, and races than ever before. We'll be constantly updating you on new events and highlighting our favorites as we lead up to festival weekend. Follow the GO Fest Facebook page for even more updates.

Hope to see you there!

Check out even more activities in the Get Outside Weekend Update.

Pete Eshelman (friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter)
Director of Outdoor Branding
Roanoke Regional Partnership

Check out the Outdoor Calendar for upcoming events
you need to keep your eye on!



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Zip (Line) Into GO Fest

Zip into GO FestRemember when you were a kid and you would go to an amusement park, or fair, or Chuck E. Cheese, and as soon as you got through the door you would go gangbusters for all the stuff and just go nuts trying everything at once?

Yeah, Anthem GO Fest is kind of like that, except for adults, and for free. 

From demo-ing the latest gear, to getting expert instruction from the pros, to getting out of your comfort zone, you can try it all at GO Fest on Oct. 17-19.

New this year is a on-site zip line for the most adventurous of festival-goers, and a pump track to hone those freeride bike skills. Slacklining, SUP, and rock climbing are all available to try, all weekend long. 

Had your eye on a new mountain bike? Take the latest model for a spin on the pump track or up Mill Mountain. Always wanted to learn how to roll a kayak or try a SUP? Jump in the 2,400 square foot demo pool for expert instruction. Thinking about taking up fly fishing? Catch a casting clinic at the Orvis Pool.

With everything there is to do and try at GO Fest, you will feel like a kid in a candy store, or even a Chuck E. Cheese. 

The list of workshops, clinics, and activities you can do at GO Fest is pretty darn long so be sure to check out a full schedule of clinics, demo events, and activities >>>

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Go for the Gold at GO Fest

GO Cross RaceAt Anthem GO Outside Festival, hanging out with friends and enjoying local food and drink is easy. But what about working off the calories you consume from those IPAs and BBQ sliders? 

That's where the GO Fest races and competitive events swoop in to save the day.

Earn your consumption by taking part in one of the ever-growing slate of races and competitive events scheduled for Oct. 17-19. Whether you get your kicks on a bike, on your feet, just for fun or with the elite, you'll find someway to compete at GO Fest. 

  • Exhibition cyclocross race (Friday at 6:30pm)
  • Superhero Fun Run/Walk (Saturday at 9am)
  • Disc golf tournament (Saturday at 9am)
  • GO Cross cyclocross race (Saturday at 9:30am)
  • Ultimate Frisbee tournament (Saturday at 10am)
  • Wild Gear Chase (Saturday at 1pm)
  • Disc golf tournament (Sunday at 10am)
  • Mill Mountain trail half marathon (Sunday at 10am)

For more information on how to register for these races and events >>>

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Watch It at GO Fest

Lenosky at GO FestWhen the Anthem GO Outside Festival convenes on the banks of the Roanoke River from Oct. 17-19, participation is expected out of everyone. This is an event celebrating the active, outdoors lifestyle that has come to define the Roanoke Region in recent years, after all.

While jumping on a slackline or scaling a climbing wall can be great fun, sometimes kicking back and watching others is just as enjoyable - especially when those others are professionals performing at the highest levels of their field. 

At this year's GO Fest, there will be ample opportunities to catch the high flying antics of the best of the best and get inspired to take your game to the next level. 

It starts in the saddle. Back again this year is bike trials superstar Jeff Lenosky. He's a legend in the mountain biking freeride, urban, and trials world and what he can do on a bike is amazing. His demonstration of trials riding is equal parts awe-inspiring and terrifying as he hops, drops, spins, and rides platforms 10 feet off the ground and rails as narrow as an inch. If you have never seen a trials rider, this is an great chance to see the skills up close and personal with Lenosky giving commentary the whole way. 

Speaking of flips and spins, the Pro Town BMX Stunt Show featuring former X Games and Gravity Games riders - including local hometown pro Josh Perry - is back this year, as well. The high flying action never slows down when these guys get going in the half pipe. With five shows throughout the weekend, they will be hard to miss. 

K-9 lovers will get a kick out of the Ultimate Air Dogs competition, as well as several other dog-oriented demonstrations ranging from pulling carts to catching Frisbees. Wander over to the slackline pit and you'll find the Gibbon pros jumping, twisting, and spinning on a sliver of nylon in seemingly impossible ways. Stop by the pool at catch a glimpse of the professional log rollers (yep you read the right). Plus, all the races at GO Fest are spectator friendly, not to mention free, so be sure to bring your cowbell to cheer on cyclocrossers and runners throughout the weekend. 

Oh, did we mention music? Live music will fill the air all weekend long! Sit back with a local beer and settle in for tunes from Proverbial on Friday night and the Hackensaw Boys on Saturday. Blue Moonshine and Humming House will also be jamming on Saturday beginning at 3:30 pm. 

Check out the full schedule of events at GO Fest >>>

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