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Green Organizations

A number of Roanoke businesses have joined efforts to identify and implement environmentally sound business practices, including the development of sustainable business plans, the tracking of carbon emissions, and recycling. Roanoke Green Organizations logo

CNR2030 – Growing a Carbon Neutral Region
CNR2030 is about uniting people, organizations, and businesses in the Roanoke and New River Valleys to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. This group recognizes that in order to attract the kinds of businesses that will thrive in a new energy economy and provide exciting and expanding job opportunities for its citizens, the region needs to commit to exceptional performance in carbon reduction and with it, a dedication to the creative individuals, businesses, and organizations that will drive that performance.

Clean Valley Council
The Clean Valley Council is a non-profit organization that has served the Roanoke Valley for more than 30 years. CVC provides educational programming and citizen participation events to spread the word about litter prevention, recycling, waste stream reduction, stormwater pollution prevention and protecting our natural resources.  We are the go to resource for local recycling information. CVC provides educational resources and programming for the school systems, the public and local municipalities in the Cities of Roanoke and Salem, the Counties of Botetourt and Roanoke and the Town of Vinton. We host and sponsor several valley-wide litter cleanup events and e-waste collections each year. Come out and clean up your valley with us!  To find out more about our programs and events visit our website.

Cool Cities Coalition
Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition is the local organization in the Roanoke Valley that is tackling energy policy and the difficult problem of global warming through education, outreach, and community actions. We know that to slow and ultimately halt global warming, action is needed at every level, from international to personal. Our goal is to encourage the citizens, businesses, organizations, and governments in our community to understand what they can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to get started with the challenge ahead. We’re not just talking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we’re actually DOING something about it.

Cool Green Biz
Cool Green Biz is an initiative launched by the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition. The program is designed to recognize member businesses that have made a commitment to sustainable business practices. The program will be based on an evaluation of member’s implementation of “green” practices that reduce waste, promote clean air and water, conserve natural resources, enhance the quality of life for employees, customers, and neighbors, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Please make sure your business is participating.

Clean & Green Business Coalition
A number of Roanoke City’s top employers and businesses have joined efforts to create the Clean and Green Business Coalition. The Coalition’s mission is to identify and implement environmentally sound business practices, including the development of sustainable business plans, the tracking of carbon emissions, and recycling. By joining the city in monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, encouraging green planning, and practicing conservation responsibly in business routines and processes, the private sector is demonstrating true leadership in environmental stewardship. Please make sure your business is participating.

RIDE Solutions
RIDE Solutions is a regional ridesharing program operated by the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission in cooperation with the New River Valley Planning District Commission. It is a grant-funded program that provides FREE carpool matching services for citizens of the Roanoke and New River Valley regions and surrounding areas within southwestern Virginia. We work with individuals to facilitate one-on-one carpool matches, and with employers to create company-wide alternative transportation programs.

Sustain Floyd
SustainFloyd is a grassroots organization devoted to the idea of creating sustainable development in Floyd County. Our intention is to preserve Floyd's natural assets, enhance our quality of life and conserve our natural resources. Sustain Floyd seeks active participation on the federal, state, and local level and we believe local participants, volunteers, and business owners can help lead Floyd County and the region towards further sustainable practices. With your help, we will focus on developing programs that emphasize the restoration and protection of our natural assets, encourage local entrepreneurship, promote public and private investment and help to align our community with the challenges of a changing world.

Go Green NRV
In the fall of 2008 Sustainable Blacksburg sponsored a community workshop entitled "Greening Your Business". From that workshop, staff of local businesses formed a committee to research and develop a local "green business development program". The result was Go Green NRV. Go Green NRV's mission is to promote a Green Business Program for businesses in the New River Valley, including modified programs addressing industry specific green initiatives for the various businesses in the Valley.

Sustainable Blacksburg
Sustainable Blacksburg is a non-profit community organization which facilitates effective environmental stewardship in the Blacksburg area to enhance the region’s livability and economic vitality by reducing its impact on the local and global environment. Sustainable Blacksburg is a collaborative community partnership formed to address toxic chemical risks facing the community. Numerous community members have come together to form Sustainable Blacksburg , including representatives from the local government, Virginia Tech, university student organizations, local businesses, architectural and engineering firms, and non-profit organizations. Back to Top

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