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FreakOut at Fallon!

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FreakOut at Fallon Cyclocross Race Series presented by Starlight Bicycles

Are you brave enough to race Roanoke's wickedest cyclocross course? For the second year running, this ghoulish three-part series will torture you with hurdles, thick mud, asphalt, grass, and single track sending a shiver up your spine. For those souls strong enough to endure, bragging rights will be yoursfreakout at fallon cyclocross race logo. The last race will include a cash prize and is part of the Virginia Cyclocross series and the Roanoke Outdoor Circus.

Last year’s FreakOut conjured up a wide range of participants with varying skill levels. And don’t worry, if you don’t have one of those sick cylcocross bikes, you’re more than welcome to bring your mountain bike.

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If this ghoulish event still spooks you, keep reading for more details…

What is Cyclocross?
Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing. Races typically take place in the fall and winter and consist of many laps of a short (1-2 mile) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction. Races are generally between 30 minutes to an hour with the distance varying depending on conditions.



  • Race 1: October 8th
  • Race 2: October 15th
  • Race 3: October 22nd and a part of the Roanoke Outdoor Circus and Virginia Cyclocross Series



Register online now at

  • Registration opens at 9am, races begin at 10am.
  • On-site registration ends 20 minutes prior to start of race
  • On-site registration and all races held at Fallon Park
  • All riders are required to sign a release form for each event
  • Prizes are awarded to top three in each category. Awards will be simple – let’s face it, we’re in it for a good time.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded for the Oct. 22nd race which is a part of the Virginia Cyclocross series – let’s say that if you win, you won’t be able to retire off of your new-found wealth.
  • All riders must wear a helmet
  • Race numbers will be kept for the entire series, so don’t pitch them to the circular file.
  • Cyclocross bikes ARE NOT required, so bring your best weapon. Mountain bikes are a good fit for this terrain, but we probably wouldn’t recommend rocking your daughter’s pink princess tricycle.



RACE1 & 2 (Oct 8 & 15th):

  • Category C (rookies, beginners, newbies): Start time @ 10:30am – Duration 30 minutes
  • Category A/B: (been there done that, I can hang): Start time @ 11:15am -- Duration 45 minutes

RACE3 (Oct 22nd, in correspondence with VA Cyclocross):

  • Start time @ 10am - 35+, 45+
  • Start time @ 11am - Women 4, Juniors 15-18, Juniors 10-14
  • Start time @ 12:00pm - Men 4
  • Start time @ 12:45pm - Women 1/2/3, Women 40+
  • Start time @ 1:45pm - Men 1/2/3, Men 3

For questions or additional info, contact

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