Mind, Body, & Movement Class

Date: February 18, 2017

Time: 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Location: Life Church, 7422 Deer Branch Rd, Roanoke, VA

$15.00 per class (pay per class in person only)
Limited Time Special below.
8 classes total = $80.00 per student
Sign up 2 or more people for an extra 10% off

Call 540-580-1231 to register.

Boost your quality of life with skilled body awareness and mindful movement strategies. These unique classes have been constructed by an advanced pain and movement specialist and martial arts instructor. Combining a mix of extraordinarily simple yet effective skills for people of all walks of life and all talents. The goal of the class is to provide you with resourceful knowledge and restorative movement to help yourselves improve how you feel in your daily lives. Studies show that improving your movement quality, posture, balance, breathing, function, and performance will help relieve your stress, tension, achy joints and soft tissues and will add years to your life and quality to your years.

You can combat back pain and many other common problems with the skills introduced in this class. Because of the teachers unique training background, most of the concepts behind these skills are from outside of the box or slightly tweaking the most common strategies for better results. Come in with an open mind. Welcome the process. Explore and restore your body. These skills can be used for the rest of your life. Click link below for more information.

Target Audience: Class is for mature teens all the way up to seniors, elite athletes to couch potatoes. If you can move at least fairly well or better and can get on/off the floor you can participate in all classes. If you have limitations, please inquire to see if any of the classes could still help you.

IMPORTANT: No class Jan. 28 & Feb. 25

Link: Mind, Body, & Movement Class Flyer

Link: Mind, Body, & Movement Class Website