Falling Creek Mountain Cross Race

Date: February 10, 2018

Time: 06:30 pm - 09:00 pm

Location: Falling Creek Park, Bedford, VA

Series Dates: 2/4, 2/10, 2/18, and 2/25.

Mountain Cross!….what is it? The Mountain part refers to many of the same aspects that you might encounter in a mountain bike race. There will be single track with rocks, roots and log overs but will only make up approximately 50% of the course. The Cross is similar to a cyclocross race mixing in grass paths, short sections of pavement or gravel road and similar lap distance. The racers will also be required to dismount to clear barriers on the course. The race course will be 1.5-2 miles per lap and will be changed for each race. When combined these two cycling disciplines mesh nicely to make up what we call Mountain Cross. The races are short, intense and loads of fun!

We use the Equalizer Format to score these races. This is similar to the golf handicapping system . In golf, players of different abilities can play fun and competitive rounds against one another. Since their handicaps equalize their scores the golfer that plays his or her best, regardless of their level of experience, can win! The equalizer format allows riders/racers of all ages and ability levels to race for the overall race win. (A bonus of the format is that fast experienced racers who normally only have to worry about finishing ahead of the other top racers now have to push themselves to compete with beginners! The winner is the racer who does the most laps. Series winners will be the racers completing the most laps combined from all the races. In the event of a tie the racer with the most laps in the least amount of time wins. (Ex. 20 laps in 1:55:05 beats 20 laps in 1:59:00)

Link: Falling Creek Mountain Cross Race Website