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Roanoke, VA
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Devil's Marbleyard, near Roanoke

Ideal for

  • hiking enthusiasts
  • naturalists
  • campers

Trail Description
A steep incline for most of the trip, but well worth the time.  The trail is not marked well, as you can follow the blue blazes until the end of the Belfast Trail.  Continue to follow the trail, using the suggestions listed on the map.

Time requirements
The hike itself is not that long, 45 minutes by yourself, an hour and 15 minutes with a family.  You will definitely want to plan time to stay at the marble yard and explore. 

Directions to trailhead

  • I81, exit 175 to Natural Bridge/Rt. 11
  • Immediately turn right onto Rt. 130E.
  • Turn onto 759
  • After spotting Glenwood Iron Furnace on the left, turn onto 781
  • A short distance down this road you will see parking on the left and the trail entrance for Belfast Trail.  This is the starting point.

Devil's Marbleyard is a huge boulder field, many the size of a car. The Antietam Quartzite found here is the result of a rise in sea level relative to the land (transgression), that occured over 500 million years ago. The boulder have tube-like structures running along them that are believed to be the fossilized cavities where worm-like creatures once lived.

Feeling a little tired from your hike?  Why don't you try dinner at the Pink Cadillac Diner.  This 50's style diner has excellent burgers and delicious milkshakes.  4347 S. Lee Highway Highway