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Cool Gear: Smartphone Action Camera

By Stephen Regenold for Gear Junkie

“Convert your iPhone to a rugged helmet camera.” We’ve heard this before. But this week, G-Form has unveiled a product that’s different at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.

The company touts its G90 case will “truly allow smartphones to replace sports action cameras” like the GoPro.

This is accomplished with a special lens that allows smartphones or the iPod Touch to take images at a 90-degree angle. The lens changes the way you can mount an iPhone or similar device so that it can now sit flat on the side of a helmet, bike handlebars, a kayak hull, or anywhere else.

The hard plastic case is waterproof and has a “skeletal back” to protect a phone inside.

“Low-profile, aerodynamic and sleek” are words the company uses to describe the case. It changes the lens direction and also widens the field of view to capture 140 degrees of a scene.

The case will be available in June for a variety of devices, including the Samsung S4, Apple iPhone 5, iPod touch, and more.

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