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Bike To Work Routes

Take your commute outside with RIDE Solutions, a regional sustainable transportation program offering commute and routing assistance to bicycle and pedestrian commuters.  They also offer free ridematching for those who want to carpool, along with bus and telecommuting support.  Commuters registered with RIDE Solutions have access to their Guaranteed Ride Home program, offering up to four free cab rides a year in case of emergencies (which, for bicycle commuters, includes sudden inclement weather), so long as you get to work by bike, foot, carpool, or bus.  In addition to commuter assistance, RIDE Solutions works with area businesses to promote commute options through their Workplace partnership program.  Anyone commuting into or out from the Roanoke and New River Valleys qualifies, and the program is entirely free.


RIDE Solutions also maintains bicycle commuter information that promotes and develops bicycling as a prime alternative mode of transportation for the Roanoke Region. They have done the hard work for those of you who want to bike to work. They've mapped several routes throughout the region including:


Road Cycling Rules of the Road
When riding on roads bicycles are subject to the same laws as motor vehicles. Riders of all ages should use these tips to help ensure safe and legal bike operation. Law requires bicyclists to ride single file when group riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Guide to Bicycle Commuting in the New River and Roanoke Valleys
This guide presents common-sense solutions for the casual rider. It addresses the special concerns of bicycle commuters, who are generally using city streets and face special challenges of safety and visbility during peak traffic times. This guide is a product of Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission planning staff.

Bicycling Laws and Safety Tips:
Learn about local cycling laws and other great safety tips to keep you safely riding in Roanoke.

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