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Running Clubs

Roanoke Valley Trail Runners
A Facebook group dedicated to trail running. This group has been created for all trail runners at different levels to get together and have a relaxing trail run at the beginning or the end of the week. Will at least have two runs a month on Roanoke and surrounding trails. Runs will be 4 - 6 miles at a nice comfortable pace. BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME NO RUNNER WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.

Star City Striders
Star City StridersThe Star City Striders Running Club is an organization of individuals with a wide range of interests, ages, occupations, fitness, and ability levels. The Star City Striders strives to promote running and jogging for fun, fitness, and various levels of competition and organizes several fun runs, 5K, and a half marathon. Star City Striders Facebook

Blacksburg Striders
The Blacksburg Striders provide community involvement and a source of camaraderie for local runners in the New River Valley to enjoy group events, races, social activities and community service in the context of the running sport. 


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